Hope Emerges
A celebration of life after breast cancer.

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Hope Emerges
A celebration of life after breast cancer.

We are breast cancer survivors and we wear our scars like stars.

Hope Emerges is changing the conversation around mastectomies and breast reconstruction.

Changing it from one of fear and taboo, to one of empowerment.

Our bodies are a beautiful thing. They give us the gift of life, but sometimes they work against us and we have tough decisions to make.

For women facing breast cancer, the daunting decision to have a mastectomy can lead to feelings of loss, grief, insecurity and self-doubt. These can all lead to negative body image concerns and seriously impact body confidence.

It is our ambition, through the images we share here at Hope Emerges, that we will give hope and empowerment to women facing this journey and that they can love the skin they are in.

Their bodies are beautiful, scars and all.

Help provide support and psychotherapy to families and children living with cancer.

Hope Emerges charity of choice is Kenzie’s Gift, established in memory of Nic’s daughter Kenzie.


Hope Emerges: An Exhibition

Friday 30 May 6 – 7.30pm
Museum of the Vernacular, Devonport (View Map)

Hope Emerges is an exhibition from photographer Lara Boddington, showcasing the beautiful female form after breast cancer. In these intimate images, shot against the backdrop of New Zealand's glorious landscape, women tell their stories through the medium of the camera lens. More...


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Ladies you are truly beautiful and an inspiration to others. Thank you ladies and everyone involved, I really enjoyed your exhibition tonight. I'm a 31 year old mother... I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have had a couple of appointments in relation to the reconstruction. The images I viewed with the plastic surgeons have scared me and made me incredibly nervous and self conscious of what my body will look like. The photographs I saw tonight at your exhibition were beautiful and it gave me some reassurance that everything is going to be ok. Thanks again, Its had a really positive effect on me at a time I really needed it.
On Hope Emerges: An Exhibition

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